When talking about possible post ideas for my blog, a music teacher friend of mine suggested that I write about the dedication necessary to make it as a musician. Like any teacher, she has a talented student that doesn’t seem to want to put in the work. As we were talking, I was reminded of something Lou Holtz once said. “Your talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.”

    Lou Holtz is a former American football player, coach, and sports analyst. During his professional career, he coached six different college football teams and one NFL team. He is the only college football coach to lead six different teams to bowl games. In addition, he is the only coach to lead four different teams to the final top 20 rankings. Needless to say, he knows something about dedication.

    A key ingredient to success in any field is dedication. However, a person’s dedication is only as strong as his motivation or his why. My friend and I discussed the importance of having clarity of purpose and an internal why to keep you going in the direction you say you want to go in, when all the other signs tell you to quit. All that is true, and I will write about that in the future, but today I just want to remind you to have fun.

    One of the reasons I chose to be a musician is that it’s fun. It’s my dream job. I love to sing and give the gift of music to others. Music is therapy and has a way of bringing people from all walks of life together, regardless of any barriers that try to divide us. And when I’m singing, I get to be a facilitator of dreams and emotions, and sometimes I get to transport to another place and time. A place where troubles melt away, and life and love are brand new. I was that girl singing into a hair brush, pretending to sing to thousands of people, and I know I’m not the only one. As my friend Jennifer Bliss says, “Everyone has an inner Rockstar.”

    I’m not saying everyone wants to be, or should be a musician. Maybe, you like coding and want to be a programmer. Or maybe, you get a kick out of taking things apart and putting them back together again and hope to be an engineer. Or maybe, you find joy in painting a picture with words, and would like to write a novel someday. Whatever you do or desire to do, have fun. Remember, that one of the main reasons you started doing what you do is that you enjoy it and would do it if you weren’t getting paid.


    What is your motivation?



    I can relate to every word.Motivation and drive simulates new adventures the mind can travel and explore. Thanks Lisa

    Thank you! I do believe that what motivates us will drive us.

    The beautiful truth, well thought and well said!!

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