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        Many of my students have asked me about different venues that they can get started singing and building their fanbase outside of social media. Here is a list of 50+ venues or events that you can perform at and, if done right, build your fanbase.

        1. Food Truck Parks
        2. Parks and Recreation Concert Series
        3. House Concerts
        4. Festivals
        5. State or County Fairs
        6. Farmer’s Markets
        7. Clothing Stores
        8. Grocery Stores
        9. Beauty and Barber Shops
        10. Restaurants
        11. Coffee Shops
        12. Business Grand Openings
        13. Elementary Schools
        14. Middle Schools
        15. High Schools
        16. College and Universities
        17. Professional Sporting Events
        18. College Sporting Events
        19. Community Sporting Events
        20. Sorority Events
        21. Fraternity Events
        22. Local Business Association Meetings/Events
        23. Chamber of Commerce Women’s Group Meetings
        24. Kiwanis Club Meetings
        25. Real Estate Open Houses
        26. Places of Worship
        27. Health and Wellness Expos
        28. Conferences
        29. Links
        30. Elks
        31. Rotary Club Meetings
        32. Jack and Jill Fundraising Events
        33. Political Dinners/Events
        34. Talent shows
        35. Assisted Living Homes
        36. Jam Sessions
        37. Open Mics
        38. Listening Rooms
        39. Bars
        40. Cruises
        41. Amusement Parks
        42. Shopping Malls
        43. Casinos
        44. Street Performers
        45. Circus
        46. Weddings
        47. Funerals
        48. Internet: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
        49. Community Playhouses
        50. Art Galleries
        51. Local television and radio shows
        52. Avon or Pampered Chef Parties
        53. Birthday Parties

        There are plenty of opportunities available for those who decide to be industrious. As Johann Sebastian Bach once said, “I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.” Let me know if you have tried any of these venues, and how it worked out for you.









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